How To Sell Yourself

Discover The Self  Selling Secret (SSS) That Has Made A Lot Of Corpers and Fresh Graduates Great Fortunes, Generating Their Own Continues Income Or Land Their First Permanent Job While Still Serving, No Matter Where You Are Posted... Guaranteed!

No matter how good your result is, no matter the skill, product or service you may have, there are useless if no one knows about it. Moreover your result will do no good to help you get to the right place if you cannot sell yourself to the right persons now. You 
will make no kobo from you knowledge and ideas if people cannot buy you first. This is the simple truth in all human endeavors where one needs to sell himself for financial benefit, whether you accept it or not.

You see, the secret of success in any of your endeavor lies on knowing how to sell yourself, that is why you see a lot of people pay highly for few hours of mentoring on how to sell oneself. And for you to succeed as a fresh graduate, this is the first thing you must learn. I charge as high as 10k for less than 2 hours of mentoring on this subject.

Now I want to congratulate you  on your graduation and as a Nigerian Corper. I want to give you a materiel on Step By Step Guide To Selling Yourself Today. 

This will help you in three major ways;
  • see the reason why you should be prepared to sell yourself at all times and in anyway you see yourself and 
  • how you can do so successfully
  • to whom you should sell yourself.

A lot of  Corpers- present and past, have Used this same method, and today their smiling while others are simply hoping and depending on federal government for the meager allowance they pay, which cannot even be enough for a whole week.

My advice, don't ever believe that opportunity will present itself for you so that you can start making money, it is but a lazy man thinking. You create the opportunity yourself. And it all start by selling yourself now. That's why you see many people undergoing one training or the other, paying heavily on how to sell oneself. 

I give 2 hours mentoring for 10k on this subject. Now, how much will you pay to pick my ideas on this subject from this material?

Let me give you the price right away, pay 10k to get this now...... I say capital NO! 
Alright, as my personal friend just pay 5k...........Oooooh it's still high.
Ok, now just pay 1k, I know you can afford it with ease. CONGRATS!

It is time I should actually congratulate you for all your educational success so far, and because of this, I'm giving you this info material that will absolutely transform your career today and give a better future for free.

It is only 47 copies are remaining now. And as you know, as usual, it's only on first come first serve basis.

To get your free copy now simply pick up you phone now and send an sms to 08061541261. The sms should contain: your first name, active email address and your phone number.

Do that now, it's only few copies are available.

To your success.

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