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Discover How You, As a Corper Can Make Yourself A Personal Fortune From Just About Any Hobby, Interest, Passion or Niche Using These Same Secrets While You are Serving, No Matter Where You Are Posted And Continue Earning Regular Income After Your Service ...Guaranteed!

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Just like every other NYSC member, your dream as a Nigerian corper is:
  1. To remain unbroke throughout the period of your service and beyond.
  2. Earn a regular income to add to the meager allowy government pays you.
  3. To be posted to good place for your primary assignment.
  4. Get a job while you are still serving or as soon as you finish your service.
  5. Be retained in the place of your primary assignment if it is promising.
The primary reason for these wishes is because you want to have financial freedom and independent.

Unfortunately, most of the corpers go to service with all these and more hopes and come out almost empty handed, some even more wretched than they ever thought.

That will never be your case though, but it requires your being able to take action now.

The problems is not that the opportunity is not there, not that they do not know what to do to earn regular income, not even that do not see what they can do to earn and keep earning even after their service.

What is the problem, then?

Simply stated, they do
not know How to go about it in order to realize their dream and earn consistent income! Reason being that no one has guided them to taking the right steps needed to realize the dreams.

The goodnews is that not all fails to realize their dreams, in that case you too can realize your dreams as a corper.

There are three (3) invaluable things you need to succeed as a corper, a potential businessman and a capable prospective employee, while serving ,and continue financially buoyant even after service.

These are;
  1. Know how to sell yourself in the camp and after the camp.
  2. Know what to do to keep earning regular income both in the camp and after.
  3. Know how to do it.
Having known what the problem is, the next is to get the solution.

The Solution

You are here presented with the most valuable material that gives solution to all your financial problem as a corper during your service year and after- NYSC MONEY KIT
With this material, you can start counting your benefits now. And you can never lack again once you start to apply what you learn from this material.

Benefits of Having This Material

After studying the material carefully,
  • You will become highly sorted information consultant- of course you consult for money
  • You become highly recommendable to employers by the camp officials and officials at your place of primary assignment. Of course you know many people get their first job from the camp and from where they are posted to. That can be your case if you act wisely now.
  • You will have a lot of things you can do to earn regular income.
  • You will know what to and how to do things to your benefits while others watch
  • You will be able to present yourself as an expert in all you do to buy people's mind to yourself. This the key to getting to the top.
All these secrets are revealed in this Corpers' financial handbook- NYSC MONEY KIT

This is a must have hand book for your survival as a corper, in fact, the first ever written financial income handbook for corpers in Nigeria. Many have testified to this fact.

Now Listen to What Others Are Saying:

I have not touched my allowy for more than three months now. I have simply applied some of the ideas in this material. What will I say, I'm happy for the information. Thanks.Austine Onyema, Eket

It was while we were still in the camp that I was recommended to UNICEF officials when they came to our camp, we were interviewed, and as soon as our posting was released, They picked me and one other from our primary assignment post and now we have been staffed. What helped me was that I followed the steps found in the nysc money kit on how to sell yourself as a corper.
Maureen Osagie, Gombe

 Thanks very much for the information in the material. My mind is simply built now, at least I can what I will lay my hands on when I go to service by July. I will not only use opportunities but sourse for them, according to your book.
Kingsley Adebayo

You have just read few of the many testimonies, we are waiting for your own testimony which we hope will come soon. As you apply what you read from this material, your success is definitely guaranteed and you will have some thing to tell others as well. 

Before you read further take a look at some of the contents of the NYSC MONEY KIT  Handbook

  • How to Sell Yourself in the Camp and After The camp
  • What to do to start Making Money 2 days after you arrive the camp
  • How to make Earnings with what you know
  • Turning your hobbies to wealth
  • High Income generating opportunities outside the camp
  • How To Create and Market Highly Profitable Information Products With Little Or No Capital As a Corper 
  • Extremely High Profiting on-line Income opportunities you can start now with very little capital even if don't own a personal computer
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Ordering Instructions
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    You may make payments at any Oceanic Bank Nationwide in  Nigeria with:
Account Name: Okoro Chibuzor K.
Account Number: 0190001012777
After payments, send an Email with Your Name, Amount Paid, Deposit Slip Number, Date of Payment, Telephone Number, and ALL necessary information you think will assist us in sending your package immediately to you.
Send these details to and text same details to
Tel: 08061541261.
It Is Now My Turn To Do All The Rest of The Work.
Once, I hear from you, I will contact my bank for confirmation. Once they show me the green light, I will send your well packaged material to your inbox within 48 hours. It’s that simple. 

If you did not get it within the 48 hours, simply report to me through this no: 08061541261

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See You in the Success Plane as a Wealthy Corper.
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